6657 Odana Road, Suite #1 Madison, WI, United States

Our Hours of Work

Our hours of work are determinate by the clients’ needs. KLEANING INNOVATIONS & Prestige Cleaning’s office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, although if our clients need to contact the company they will be provided with the cell phone numbers of the owner, supervisor and office manager. We are a well structured and organized company; we are insured and licensed, and we have outside companies that help keep the business controlled, such as accounting, payroll company and business lawyer. Our company is professional in cleaning services and we will be more than happy to offer you the right service with an affordable price. Please do not hesitate in contacting us.


KLEANING INNOVATIONS & Prestige Cleaning Services is a Bonded, Licensed and Insured company. We’ve been in market since 2014, we have great references. We will always make sure to do our best and to provide you the best results.

How to Find Us

You know you can always count on us, wherever you are, whenever you want KLEANING INNOVATIONS Services will be always there! Just give us a call and you will never need to worry about cleaning again.

Need references?

KLEANING INNOVATIONS have been working with Wisconsin since 2014, and whenever we’ve been we left good memories.

Our staff is trained, committed and focused. Reporting malfunctions of fixtures and equipment, allowing you to have more time to take care of other matters.

We have a lot of experience in clearing up such messes. We have the experience and the skills to clean your home or office / business premises to the highest standard. Our employees have been trained to pay attentions even to the smallest possible details. We offer a variety of cleaning services for schools, businesses, healthcare facilities and homes. From office cleaning to housekeeping, each of our employees is expertly trained in every kind of facility and environment. Also, we have a supervisor that works behind our cleaning crew for quality control and to make sure the customer is satisfied.

Our staff will be more than happy to offer you the always the right service with an affordable price. Please do not hesitate in contacting us.

Cleaning Products

Kleaning Innovations & Prestige use superior cleaning technology, all chemicals and their dispensers are the latest in chemical management systems. The results match our goal of creating a healthy, sanitary office environment that is noticed by all.


Weekly Tenant Feedback: The Primary property manager will be visited weekly, to request feedback and observations on the cleaning. This weekly report will be forward to Property Management for review.

List of some of the many services we provide:

Office Cleaning (Small & Large)

● Residential cleaning

Building/Condominium cleaning

● Carpet cleaning

● Doctors Office Cleaning

● Ceiling cleaning

● Floor stripping and refinishing

● Floor tile, ceramic & grout cleaning services

● Provide Cleaning & Janitorial supplies

● Restroom Cleaning and Disinfecting

● Marble and Tile Cleaning / Restoration

● Window cleaning

● Polish office furniture

We provide services to the following type of facilities:

● Office Buildings

● Medical Facilities

● Schools

● Retail Stores

● Houses of Worship

● Banks

● Showrooms

● Small Businesses

● Health clubs

● Day care centers

● Restaurants

● Clubs

● Bars

● Others